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It’s likely you grew up with at least one family member who wouldn’t stop talking about their dream to retire to Florida. Every holiday you’d be regaled with stories of green lawns, year-round sunshine, golf courses, beaches, and no state income taxes. In fact, that person might even be yourself!

Considering all that Florida has to offer, it’s little wonder why our home state is welcoming thousands of new residents every year. This makes for a diverse culture, incredible culinary options, and plenty of tourist-pleasing attractions; but that’s certainly not all! Here are several more reasons you should pursue that dream move:

Our Welcoming Weather

There are 365 days in one year—and in Florida more than 2/3 of them are bathed in sunshine. There are no threats of snow, slush, or salted roads to rust up your convertible’s undercarriage. While things do get a bit muggy over the heart of the summer months, overall our seasonal changes are mild. Many who visit find little to no reason to ever take off their sandals or wear long sleeves. That means less time indoors and more time outside enjoying the beach!

Our Lack of State Income Tax

Want to keep more money in your pocket? Florida is one of only several remaining states that does not impose a tax on your earned income. You’ll have more savings in your bank account, or disposable income to spend on a theme park trip—or just an extra round of mojitos!

Our World-Famous Beaches

Residents across the state have easy access to some of the most sought after oceanfront getaways in the world. No matter where you decide to lay down roots, the yellow sand and cool waters of the Atlantic await on one side of the coast; while the fine white sand and warm Gulf of Mexico reside on the other. Florida’s beaches have won awards, had songs written about them, and made multiple appearances in movies. Best of all, with more than 1,300 miles of coastline, you’re sure to find a new home within walking distance of your favorite one!

South Florida Beaches

Our Melting Pot of Culture

Florida is a microcosm of the world. Our state is viewed as the “Gateway to Latin America” for good reason—no matter where you live, there’s sure to be more than a few authentic Cuban, Colombian, or Brazilian eateries nearby. We also benefit from years of Caribbean influence, found throughout the state’s architecture, music, and art. In addition to this, many transplants also make their way south from all corners of the US, bringing their own ideas, experiences, and way of life. This is perhaps the top reason why Florida is such an interesting place to call home!

Our Discounts

One big benefit that most people outside of Florida don’t realize is that residents gain a myriad of discounts to our own attractions. Whether you’re planning a family-friendly trip to Walt Disney World, or an elegant staycation at The Breakers resort in Palm Beach, there’s likely an extra incentive for you if you have a Florida address. Here’s a pro tip: when tourism slows down over the summer months, these rebates kick up!

Our Indoor and Outdoor Activity Options

You likely already have some idea of the various activities that await you in our state: water sports, fishing, snorkeling and diving, hiking through National Parks, and more—but there are also plenty of options awaiting you under merciful air conditioning! Events like Art Basil in Miami or concerts throughout the many indoor arenas strewn throughout the state are internationally-recognized attractions, and there are even a growing number of nationally-lauded breweries popping up throughout the state!

Our Affordable Cost of Living

With plenty of space and relatively new developments, most of those who move in from out of state find that their dollar goes much further in Florida. While some of the more metropolitan areas are more expensive, there are a wealth of neighborhoods and areas just outside of them where large single family homes on plenty of land can be had for a fraction of what they’d cost elsewhere. This extends beyond housing to goods and services, and healthcare as well.

Our Sports Teams

Florida is home to many of the most popular and successful amateur and professional sports teams in the country. Whether you’re a football, basketball, baseball, soccer, or even hockey fan—there’s always a team to cheer for at any time of the year! Florida boasts three NFL teams, two NBA, MLB, MLS, and NHL franchises each, and many of the most storied college programs ever. Perhaps most importantly, many of the teams also have a habit of winning, and winning big! Even if you don’t want to switch your loyalties, you’ll have opportunities to watch your favorite team in person when they visit; particularly during the MLB’s spring training season, when teams from across the US operate out of one of Florida’s many ballparks. 

Our Foodie Culture

Florida is famous for its many local culinary delights. In addition to the global influences found throughout small mom-and-pop eateries in nearly every town, there are the stone crabs, oranges, and key lime pie found nowhere else in the world. No matter what you’re in the mood for, new residents can dine on some of the most delicious and unique fare night after night, almost never eating the same thing twice—though they’ll definitely want to!

South Florida Restaurants and Dining

South Florida Art and Museums

Our Lifestyle

Say goodbye to intricate and expensive travel planning once you move down to Florida. It’s not just the climate or attractions that draw people here permanently—it’s a state of mind. From the southern hospitality of the panhandle to the laid back, easygoing nature of the Florida Keys, people who live here know how to enjoy life. Some might say that the sun has baked our brains; but those who live here know the truth: it’s actually just warmed our souls.

Ready to Move to Florida?

Once you’re ready to make your move to paradise, you’ll need the expertise of a local realtor by your side. The Pearl Antonacci Group can help you find the perfect beachfront condo, or the sprawling single-family home you’ll use to host the entire family in for the holidays. No matter what you’re looking for, we’ll work to find and secure your perfect place in Florida.

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